Nope. You're not.

You're not going to feel 'normal' again. 

But what is your normal? Right now, throw out that notion that you're supposed to feel anything like you used to. The moment you accept that who you are now, in your new body right now, and all your new experiences with your baby, right now, is a fantastic process of change.

You won't get back to the 'way you were' because, quite honestly, that not what life is all about. That's not what motherhood is all about. 

Your body just grew this awesome new human being, and now you're doing everything you can to help your baby thrive and grow into a healthy person.

Now, every day is a new experience. 

And you might be asking yourself a whole lotta questions, frequently in a state of WTFs. It's time to start embracing this daily change, growth, and learning. Your baby is growing at such a fast rate, with trillions of cells multiplying. Your body is also shifting in accordance with your baby's growth so your nervous system can cater all your baby's needs to help them thrive. Your sleep rhythms move together and in sync, your milk is adapting perfectly to nourish your baby, and your intuition is hyper-sensitive allowing your to know what's best for you both.

Ana one week old

My three. This photo is taken one week after giving birth at home.

Finding your new normal is going to take time, patience, discovery, letting go of control (easier said than done), and reaching out to other moms as well as guidance from professionals.

This journey is much easier if you practice daily self-care.

Daily self-care can be as simple as doing ONE THING that makes you happy. Like eating a yummy bowl of your favorite ice-cream. Or, talking on the phone with a new mommy friend. Or getting a 5-minute massage by your partner when they get home (my husband never did that because he sucked at it), or anything that can make you feel good and you actually feel yourself breathe better.

It doesn't have to be a huge thing.

Just put some attention to yourself as if to say, "I deserve this."

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