1-on-1 Mommy Coaching

When I was a new mum nearly 11 years ago, I had no idea how challenging life would be. If I knew I could have a wise and very experienced woman to help me through my doubts, fears, emotional outbursts, and basically everything else, I would have signed up in a heartbeat.

Over the years, especially in the last 5 since my third child was born, I've not only developed a high special interest in paediatric spinal health and how chiropractic greatly enhances the health and function of a baby, I've grown (and still growing!) to become an expert at (nearly) everything that has to do with being a mother. I've helped many friends, including my sister (who just had her first baby), and close friends, and they've all suggested that I create some coaching and support service for women.

This is why I'm offering this service. 

It's £97 per month, sign up and start receiving your e-course, Skype and email support, texting, and calls. Also included is a monthly newsletter 'ebook' with real questions from moms and answers to all sorts of concerns. 

You'll also automatically be invited to a live video webinar once a month with other mothers (group limited to 9) to 'get together' and ask questions in the group dynamic. This helps tremendously because every question asked within the group helps each another.

Mommy Coaching

Personal Mommy Coaching every month. Skype, emails, text, Whatsapp, ongoing support.

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