YDGM Ep 31: My husband Julian Wiseman talking about his book on Port Vintages.

Anyone who has written their own book deserves lots of congratulations. And lots of book sales. Especially if it took them ten years to research and write it.

Well, that's what my husband Julian Wiseman has just completed. And it's now on sale. 

It's called Port Vintages

There's a lot of things that I didn't know about port wine. For example, I had no idea that it's not made every year. You'll learn more about that from this episode. I also didn't know what the differences are between Tawny Port, Crusted Port, Late Bottled Vintage Port, and finally, Vintage Port. 

Many listeners have loved my past episodes with my husband (here and here), and I've had some requests that he continue to be a regular 'guest'. We always have fun with it, and it always seems like a good time to spend together. 

Julian's book is a substantial and impressive reference book on Port Vintages. In fact, it's the only reference book on the subject. He went around to many different sources, including old libraries at universities, archives, department stores, auction houses, and many more. Ten years of researching and gathering data to find all the port vintages ever declared. 

If you are a wine lover and you also enjoy port, this episode is so interesting with so much information about wine and Vintage Port. And you will see how much of a port geek he is. 

Check out www.portvintages.com to buy your copy (or 10) of Port Vintages. Any questions or requests for bulk orders. email me at sales@portvintages.com