YDGM Ep 30: Keith Wassung

Keith Wassung's got one of those stories. Ex-navy, super athlete, weightlifting champion, and on his way to fame, life was on a pretty extraordinary path. Then, at age 22, his body started to slowly break down, first with sinus headaches, then digestion problems, loss of hearing, and more, which eventually led him to be dependant on 18 different drugs. His health deteriorated so badly that he lost nearly all hope. He thought that was it. What more could he do? What saved him was a random chance encounter with a chiropractor who told him that he wanted to help him. Keith thought he was crazy. What’s a chiropractor going to do for him?

Keith’s story is incredible and inspiring. After regaining his health and getting back his strength from his regular chiropractic adjustments, his passion for sharing his experience with chiropractic was born. He researched and studied everything he could possibly learn about what chiropractic is, and how he can tell as many people as possible. And now, after 30 years of spreading the chiropractic message by selling information and educational material, he has built a huge empire and well-known brand within the chiropractic profession. 

I remember being in chiropractic school hearing about Keith’s work. In fact, I always thought he was a chiropractor himself and he had a huge practice. In the profession, he is well-respected and is often seen lecturing at some of the biggest and most popular chiropractic seminars in the world.

In this episode with Keith, he talks about his family, his six children, and his how he has built his life full of passion, prosperity, love, and dedication to serving and giving to people.

It was an honor to have him on my podcast. This is an awesome episode and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Keith's website: http://keithwassung.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keith.wassung

— Dr MaryAnne