YDGM Ep 29: Thomas Waller DC

Tom’s the kinda guy that you can hang out with, have a beer with, and chat about anything. His energy fuels you each and every minute. He’s also the guy you could call up and ask his advice and he’d give you his 100% with a solid answer. And he’s also the guy you’d see on a stage in front of thousands of people. He’s unstoppable.

In this episode, I’m speaking with Thomas Waller. He’s a dynamic successful chiropractor in Lincoln, UK and he owns and runs his practice with his wife Sarah (at the time of the recording, they were planning their wedding and about to get married). The very first time I heard about Tom was, serendipitously, a few years ago. A close friend of mine was in need of a good chiropractor and she asked me if I knew anyone near her in Bristol. So I asked some colleagues and everyone recommended Tom. He was practicing in Bristol at the time and he was highly recommended. I had no idea who he was. I just trusted my chiropractic friends. Each time I checked in with my friend, she told me how great Tom is and how he was helping her tremendously. She only said wonderful things about him. Over time, Tom kept on popping up on my radar on Facebook, as well as among mutual friends at seminars, yet I had never actually got the chance to meet him face to face.

I was so happy when Tom volunteered to be a part of my podcast to talk about fatherhood and parenting. I was so looking forward to what he’d say about those topics, and I also knew we’d spend a lot of time talking about chiropractic.

A few weeks after we recorded the episode, we finally got a chance to meet in person at a seminar. It was such a pleasure to do this episode with him, and I’m very much looking forward to following and supporting him in his plans, as well as our continued friendship.

You can connect and reach out to Tom by going to his website: www.epochcentres.co.uk
Facebook: Thomas Waller Dc and facebook.com/epochlincoln
Instagram: dr_tom_dc33

MaryAnne Shiozawa