YDGM Ep 28: Craig Peterson

When I first met Craig, it was near Milan where we were both attending a seminar. I assumed he flew in from America (or Canada) because of his accent (he talks like me). On the last day towards the end of the seminar, I figured he'd be hoping on a plane on a long flight home showing him some sympathy for his journey to come. Travel is tiring!

In his naturally low baritone buttery voice, he says, "No, I live in Rome."


Cool! And American who uprooted to another country!

I love that.

So when Craig said yes when I asked him to be on my podcast, I was really looking forward to him telling me his story. It's always really interesting to learn why someone decides to leave their home country to start fresh and go 100% into a new environment and culture.

Craig shares tons of stuff about his family life, his parents, why he wanted to move, and then we go into the focal topic of fatherhood. He told me that his current girlfriend, with whom he lives, doesn't want children, and he says he's OK with that.

I had a great time talking to Craig, and I hope you enjoy his story too!

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