YDGM Ep 27 Brendan Waddington

Brendan Waddington continues the conversation of fatherhood into the second episode of the series speaking to men.

There are so many people on this planet, and it's always such a joy and so much fun to speak to someone who you know is making a difference in the world. I just met Brendan and to me, he is an all around great guy. Intelligent, interesting, fun, totally got his shit together, and he has even written a book about no-bullshit health. 

His new book is called “The Wellness Bible, A No bullshit Guide to Wellness”. His website is http://nobullshitwellness.com/

Brendan is a naturopath, soft-tissue therapist, personal trainer, and he also helps miners by coaching them on their health. When I asked him to be on my podcast, he didn't think I'd be interested because he's not a father. Naturally, it's what people would think, but I was very keen on having men who are not fathers to talk about their views on the subject. Brendan mentions that he definitely wants kids eventually, and it was interesting to hear how he thinks and feels about fatherhood. 

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