YDGM Ep 32: Chantal Challenger, life as a mum and an expat.

What have you got to lose? Just do it. No excuses.
— Chantal Challenger

Chantal Challenger lives a different life from many of us, traveling around the world with her husband and two kids. She and her husband work in the hospitality/hotel industry, and have chosen a life as expats currently living in Jakarta. She shares about how they chose to move from their home in Australia, and how they’ve adapted to raising their family in a different culture.

She had her children in Singapore, which is a very different birth culture where up to 45% of births are c-sections. Chantal was surprised to learn that many women choose an elective c-section, and for her it posed a slight challenge in finding a doctor who was supportive of natural birth. She also talks about the breastfeeding culture which is also very different than what she thought, where most babies are fed formula as the ‘norm’. So when she wanted to breastfeed her babies, she often had other women asking her why she was doing something so abnormal.

It was fascinating to listen to Chantal talk about her life, and the cool thing about her was that she’s just another mom doing the best that she can, raising her children, being a wife, and living her day to day life just like all of us moms in the world.

What I love about Chantal’s attitude and philosophy of life is how she makes choices even in the face of doubt and fear, with no regrets, and goes in with 100% commitment. We can only gain from following our hearts and going for it.

If you’d like to ask Chantal a question, send her an email at Chantal.waddington@gmail.com