YDGM Ep 26: Julian D A Wiseman AKA My Husband

This episode starts the series on the topic of fatherhood. When I had the idea to start talking to women who are not mothers for my 2nd series on my podcast, You're Doing Great Mom, conversations inspired me to start asking men to talk to me about fatherhood. I also wanted to ask ALL men: single, married, gay, straight, dads and non-dads. Just men talking about fatherhood. So naturally, the first person I thought about talking to was my husband. We had to put an effort into finding dedicated time to sit down to record this, and it ended up being spontaneous. There was no organized planning involved with this. We just found ourselves sitting together (a rare moment) on a Saturday and I jumped at the opportunity and seized the moment. It turned out to be a lot of fun. It ended up taking us all day to get some good content down due to the many times we were interrupted, but the result is definitely entertaining. 

Topics included:
Sperm Virility
Foie Gras
Blue Planet
Hitchcock story-telling styles
Having a will
Baby fat-folds
Baby bathtime
Being a fat bastard
Fonseca Port
More alcohol
How to taste wine when you’re 12.
Test-taking skills
How to be an astronaut or an Olympic swimmer
Final words of advice about fatherhood
How not to get murdered by your wife

You can find out more information about my husband Julian on his websitehttp://www.jdawiseman.com/author.html