YDGM Ep 017: Part 2 of 2 with Dr Kelly Mclaughlin and Dr Sarah Farrant

If you have wondered what chiropractic care is, and how it can benefit you and your family, this is a great episode to listen to.

Dr Sarah: “Self-responsibility [in regards to their health]: the allopathic health approach, as it’s starting to implode on itself, more people are looking for that level of self-care which coincides with self-responsibility like, I’m going to take my health back into my own hands, then we’re the perfect health profession [chiropractic] to be there to meet them at that door. Because there are thousands health professions, and when we look at the allopathic health approach and you’re remaining passive within that, then there’s no sense of self-responsibility. I’m gonna go to you, you’re gonna tell me what I’ve got wrong, you’re gonna give me something, I’m gonna take that and it’s gonna disappear. That’s called a ‘treatment’ where ‘treat’ means in its shortest form, it’s creating an illusion that something doesn’t exist anymore. And then, when we go to the alter-NATE health approach, where chiropractic fits comfortably in this health approach, there is a level of self-responsibility. So if you can tap in to that sense of self-responsibility that everybody is searching for, then that position’s chiropractic in a way healthier arena to be able to meet those people where they’re at as they are exiting this allopathic approach.”

“When we have a parent is wanting to have their child checked, then the conversation is not necessarily, my child doesn’t have back pain. We have parents saying that I want my child to be the best they can be.”

Dr Kelly: “Usually [in our office] what we hear is ‘I wish I’d heard about it sooner, I wish I’d known that there was a different way to do things.’ Often, it’s quite cool, we’ve had a couple of clients who have been in the office with their children getting checked. There’s a little boy who’s 5-and-a-half and he’s been checked every week since he was three weeks old. His mum is such a vigilante for chiropractic. She’s such an advocate.”

Dr Sarah Farrant lives in New Zealand and has been a chiropractor for the last 16 years. She has been helping families by educating them how to understand the chiropractic lifestyle and how it can help benefit their health. Her company provides vital tools for generational change in health. She educates parents, children, and grandparents in living a healthier life through a different perspective with chiropractic being the baseline. You can reach her at http://vitalmoms.com/ Check out her Facebook page: Vital Moms https://www.facebook.com/Vital-Moms-250515624977388/ Or email her at drsarahfarrant@gmail.com

Dr Kelly McGaughlin lives in the UK and has been in practice for 15 years, and the last six she and her husband have built their practice together. She also focuses on empowering people to approach health with a different perspective through family wellness care with chiropractic. You can reach her at kjtchiro@hotmail.com.