YDGM Ep 015: Harriet Waley-Cohen

I love recording an episode in person. It's always fun. Plus, guests can bring their adorable puppies. 

Harriet Waley-Cohen came in with her little adorable puppy, who ended up sitting right in between us gnawing on her bone (which is what the sporadic faint clicking noises are in the background). We had a wonderful time talking about motherhood, adversity, learning to love life, being at the forefront of being unstoppable, and the concept of having it all.

"... because mothering isn't about mothering your own children. It's about mothering the planet. It's about mothering the human race. And when I think about all those teenage girls that I grew up with when we were teenagers, what would it have been like to have had awake, aware, honest, vulnerable women like you and I come and say, 'this is what I went through, this is what it was like, this is what it's really like out there as a grown up; let me take you by the hand and help you and give you all these tips' and to get to be that person for the current generation is awesome."

 She talks about changing careers from banking to becoming a speaker and a coach. She shares her difficult birth and how her son didn't sleep for the first four months of his life, and how motherhood contributes to how she speaks in front of hundreds of people. She also shares how about overcoming addiction, and through this adversity led to her incredible strength and courage, and ultimately having a life she loves.

To check out more info on Harriet Waley-Cohen, go to her websitehttp://harrietwaleycohen.com/ or look her up on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/harrietwaleycohen/

Instagram and Twitter: @harriet_wc