He calls Trump a "Turkey Vagina"

Rea Frey Holguin

She was my guest on this episode. We had such a great connection, and it was so much fun talking to her.

(Every woman I've spoken to so far has been amazing!)

She's from Nashville Tennessee, is a fitness and nutritionist expert, an author, a wife and a mom. We had a great time chatting about pretty much everything including President Trump. Her husband has an interesting nickname for him (The Human Turkey Vagina). 

That's another episode in itself. Maybe we'll pass on politics.

Anyway, I love talking to women where things just get real. Talking about men, sex, motherhood, exhaustion … everything. That’s how this episode exemplified. All the real, down-and-dirty-stuff about life as a mother and wife.

“I did not want to become a mother..I’m pretty selfish with my time. I always knew that I wanted to be a little bit of a gypsy… I love the freedom that comes with being able to get up and go… Just not have that sort of awesome responsibility of another human and all the worry that comes with it…”

She shares how she thought motherhood was never her plan, yet nine months after marrying her husband, she unexpectedly finds out she was pregnant and how she chose to have her baby.

“I sat him down, and I said, very honestly that I did not want children; children were not in my future…”

How funny and unpredictable a mother’s journey can be. Right? Join in for this openly honest, gritty, humble, and authentic conversation I have with Rea Frey Holguin. You can find her at www.reafrey.com for info on her books, blog, and how to reach her. 

Tune in to hear our fun and insightful conversation!


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