YDGM Ep 002: Susanne Grant

Trauma and abuse often lead to post traumatic stress disorder if the body, mind, brain, and nervous system cannot cope and process and heal from the experience.

Susanne Grant shares her story of how she suffered for over 10 years, not sleeping, not able to absorb proper nutrients from the food she ate, and unable to remember anything short-term. She crashed and broke at 17, being 20 kilos lighter than when she when she was 12.

She wanted to go into mathematics and physics, but with her PTSD overwhelming her system, she finally had to face what needed to be healed, which led her to be inspired to pursue a career in helping other women who experience trauma, abuse, and PTSD.

Listen to her inspiring story on Episode 2 on "You're Doing Great Mom"!


MaryAnne Shiozawa