YDGM Ep 024: Drea Clark

I like to think I lead a very intentional life. And that isn’t that it’s not open to surprises or spontaneity. But I very deliberately chosen … and I’ve been very lucky, I realize that when I say that. Not everyone gets to choose as much ‘cause there’s inherent struggle with being able to just to afford doing things like that. I get that. I love living by myself. I love setting my own hours. I love being able to keep everything clean and neat and how I want it. There’s intention to those things. I really enjoy that.

Drea Clark lives in LA and works in film. She's my sister's best friend from highschool and we've known each other for a really long time. She's basically considered to be part of our family. I asked her to be on my podcast for this current series of conversations with women who are not mothers, and she was totally enthusiastic to participate.

I knew it would be a fantastic conversation, a fun one too, because Drea is just so articulate in just about anything. 


You ask her about anything, and she'll have something to say about it.

And it usually makes you want to go, "Hmmmmm."

You should live your life in a way that you feel bad for other people for living it differently.

I love Drea.

She's fabulous.

Oh my God. I had it so good. My parents are legit good parents, and they are a very loving couple. So it’s ironic to me that I’m like, ‘Oh you guys knocked it out of the park on both fronts. Do not take it personally that I am not replicating that,’ because I remember telling them years ago when I sort of knew that I wasn’t gonna have kids - I wanted them to know.

Have fun listening!