YDGM Ep 023: Angie Dairou

Something we could agree upon very clearly is that the leader is often the scapegoat. The CEO that gets fired and that’s the mother that people blame when things aren’t predicable.

Angie Dairou is my guest today. Wow. I loved this chat with Angie. This episode was awesome, with so many interesting and thought-provoking nuggets of wisdom, ideas, and stories about motherhood and how we can shift our perspectives about it in the context of applying it to roles of leadership and life in general. 

Angie is a successful therapist, working with individuals as well as companies, big and small. Three years ago, she did business in China with Fortune 100 companies, traveling back and forth to see her clients. She says, 

“What were the hardest moments for me? The hardest moments for me there were when I was working with someone who didn’t see things the way I did, who I was in a power struggle with and I don’t know that it’s that different than the moments when you’re facing your 13 as a mother and you’ve got your expectations and you have a full list of evidence as to why your perspective is the right one and they have theirs, and you love them, and you want to connect and you don’t know how. You can’t control them, you have a helplessness, you have the fear - all of that. I think when we experience these stuck places, that the human experience is very similar, but the context can be very different.”

Angie bases her work on Virginia Satir. We talk about being 'stuck' in life and how we usually handle it. I find that often, especially mothers, we don't even want to admit or acknowledge that we're stuck. Yet an illuminating point that Angie makes is this,

“That’s part of my mission, really, in working with everybody I do, is trying to get the word out that the more you can be with ‘stuck’ the more you’re life is going to transform, because every time you go to learn something new, whether it’s changing your golf swing… changing a part of their skill, they’re gonna go through a chaos phase as they relearn things. So if every time you see ‘stuck’ as it means you did something wrong, you’re gonna back off and you’re not gonna get the learning. It’s important that we spread that - that 'stuckness' means you are one step away from change.”

If you want to find out more information about Angie, check out her website, www.destinationhuman.com and you can email her at angie@destinationhuman.com

If you want to  know more about Network Spinal Analysis and SRI (Somato-Respiratory Integration)go to  wiseworldseminars.com; Virginia Satir is the model of systemic therapy that Angie bases her work on.

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