YDGM Ep 022: Michelle Dry

My guest today is Michelle Dry. Multi-talented, hilarious, creative jack and jill-of-all trades so to speak, and author/writer. Michelle has written a handful of books, writing fiction about dating and single life, as well as children’s books. Her most successful book is The Hairy Legged Mystery, which can be found on Amazon, along with all her books under the name Michelle Dry. We met through mutual friends of ours, and I asked her to be on my podcast to talk about her story about why she’s not a mother. What’s to come in this episode is hilarity, the realities of serial dating, as well as a moment of seriousness when she shares about her experience of pregnancy and miscarriage. I had such a wonderful time talking with Michelle. Get ready to laugh. This episode is super fun!

If you want to get in touch with Michelle, check out her website, michelledry.com. You can also look her up on Amazon to see all her books. In fact, just after talking to her, I went ahead and bought her two books on dating, Love Hunt 1&2. It’s absolutely hilarous so far, and I strongly recommend getting a copy for yourself. You’ll be laughing out loud with this one. You can also get it on audiobook on audible.com. 

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MaryAnne Shiozawa