about me

Since becoming a mother, the range of emotions my heart has felt since becoming a mother are the wildest and most extraordinary experiences of my life.

For me, becoming a mother was like someone put me in a spin cycle, then a loopty-doop rollercoaster, then a Everest Climb, then a sky-high jump, and then rung and spit me out onto a whole new territory all in one day. 

And I thought I was ready for it.

I did not know it was going to be such a massive shift in my life.

Just having a baby.

Those first few weeks were like, "Oh My God. What the hell am I doing?"

Every moment, every hour was a new learning experience.

Love, fear, anger, bliss, peace, exhaustion, loneliness, joy, doubt (lots of doubt), insecurity, resentment, frustration, elation, and even rage ...

All of that. In one day.

Women question themselves all the damn time. It's just in our nature.

We have to. It's about survival and what's best for ourselves. Then, when you become a mother, it's about what's best for your baby. So, how the hell are you supposed to know what's right for YOU? 

What's right for your baby?

99.9% of the time, your intuition will know.

But the key is knowing how to access and trust your intuition.

For me, that took at while.

Now, after nearly 13 years of being a mother, as well as an experienced health professional for over 20 years in baby wellness and pregnancy through being a Doctor of Chiropractic, I want to help other women as they go through this journey of motherhood.