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You're Doing Great Mom!

How are you doing?

Becoming a new mother is the greatest shift in a woman's life. Your heart bursts with joy nearly every time you look at your baby. This new love is unlike anything you've ever experienced.

And sometimes you feel disconnected from your baby. You're confused. Hysterically emotional. Exhausted. Lonely. Doubtful. And even scared.

It's all normal.

How can you confidently know that you're doing a great job?


How do you feel?

Your energy is stripped down, and you're trying to figure everything out. You're asking yourself nearly every day, "Am I going to feel 'normal' again?"


What are your needs?


You need support, guidance, and reassurance

You know when you hear that saying, "You can have it all!" 

Uh, yeah, right. Let's be realistic here. I believe that yes, you can definitely have it all, but all together at the same time?

You are superwoman, and yet, you're not. Really.

I'm not here to tell you all this fluff-fluff, airy-fairy crap just to make you feel better.

You're gonna read and hear about what is the real shiyt behind having a baby and being a mother.

mar and soph 2006078.jpg

My first baby.

I was bored, so I shot this selfie. 

In that moment, I think I was feeling bliss. Doesn't it look like I'm a glowing new mom?

Well, what the photo doesn't show is that I was rockin' my baby like crazy with music on, dancing around, trying to get her to sleep. For nearly one hour! 

I. Was. Exhausted.

I wish I knew all the 'baby hacks' I know now!