Whether you found out you were pregnant a few days after you missed your period, or three months in, your baby will be growing and developing inside you for up to 43 weeks. That's a big chunk of a year and lots of things happen during that time. We all know it's broken down into trimesters, and there are plenty of places to get information about those stages.

This is another place to get information, but I'm offering more than just that. I'm offering an education, an interactive environment where you get support, guidance, and ongoing advise when you want and need it. 

There's also the 'fourth trimester'. When I asked a group of hundreds of women about what they wished they'd known about pregnancy and their baby, most of them answered that they wished someone had told them about the months following after the birth. That's the fourth trimester. Those three months after you give birth. That's when everything changes and you are faced with so many new discoveries and challenges in your life.

This e-course is designed to give you  support and guidance, tips, and ideas about motherhood and your baby. I believe that motherhood starts the day you find out you're pregnant because in that moment, everything inside you shifts. During those months of pregnancy you're doing everything you know to be healthy, and to prepare yourself for the birth you want. What's missing is the amount and type of support that is available for after you give birth.


In this e-course you will find out about:

1.   Nutrition and healthy foods to eat to support your digestive system for conception and pregnancy.

2.   Pregnancy advice about how to sleep better, avoid common aches and pains like PSD (Pubic Symphysis Disorder), how to exercise properly, and general common concerns.

3.   Birthing options and how to help prepare for labor and birth.

4.   What happens immediately after birth and the hours and days following birth.

5.   Breastfeeding support, with lactation consultant's advice on tongue-tie, difficulty breastfeeding, what's normal and what's not.

6.   What is the best sleeping position for your baby.

7.   How to optimally support your baby's growth and development.

8.   How to follow your baby's cues in their developmental milestones, such as rolling over, sitting up, crawling, and walking, and more!

9.   Mummy support and how you can maximise your self-care.

10.  Online and Skype support (if you choose Mommy Coaching)