YDGM Ep 29: Thomas Waller DC

Tom’s the kinda guy that you can hang out with, have a beer with, and chat about anything. His energy fuels you each and every minute. He’s also the guy you could call up and ask his advice and he’d give you his 100% with a solid answer. And he’s also the guy you’d see on a stage in front of thousands of people. He’s unstoppable.

In this episode, I’m speaking with Thomas Waller. He’s a dynamic successful chiropractor in Lincoln, UK and he owns and runs his practice with his wife Sarah (at the time of the recording, they were planning their wedding and about to get married). The very first time I heard about Tom was, serendipitously, a few years ago. A close friend of mine was in need of a good chiropractor and she asked me if I knew anyone near her in Bristol. So I asked some colleagues and everyone recommended Tom. He was practicing in Bristol at the time and he was highly recommended. I had no idea who he was. I just trusted my chiropractic friends. Each time I checked in with my friend, she told me how great Tom is and how he was helping her tremendously. She only said wonderful things about him. Over time, Tom kept on popping up on my radar on Facebook, as well as among mutual friends at seminars, yet I had never actually got the chance to meet him face to face.

I was so happy when Tom volunteered to be a part of my podcast to talk about fatherhood and parenting. I was so looking forward to what he’d say about those topics, and I also knew we’d spend a lot of time talking about chiropractic.

A few weeks after we recorded the episode, we finally got a chance to meet in person at a seminar. It was such a pleasure to do this episode with him, and I’m very much looking forward to following and supporting him in his plans, as well as our continued friendship.

You can connect and reach out to Tom by going to his website: www.epochcentres.co.uk
Facebook: Thomas Waller Dc and facebook.com/epochlincoln
Instagram: dr_tom_dc33

YDGM Ep 28: Craig Peterson

When I first met Craig, it was near Milan where we were both attending a seminar. I assumed he flew in from America (or Canada) because of his accent (he talks like me). On the last day towards the end of the seminar, I figured he'd be hoping on a plane on a long flight home showing him some sympathy for his journey to come. Travel is tiring!

In his naturally low baritone buttery voice, he says, "No, I live in Rome."


Cool! And American who uprooted to another country!

I love that.

So when Craig said yes when I asked him to be on my podcast, I was really looking forward to him telling me his story. It's always really interesting to learn why someone decides to leave their home country to start fresh and go 100% into a new environment and culture.

Craig shares tons of stuff about his family life, his parents, why he wanted to move, and then we go into the focal topic of fatherhood. He told me that his current girlfriend, with whom he lives, doesn't want children, and he says he's OK with that.

I had a great time talking to Craig, and I hope you enjoy his story too!

Check out Dr Craig's website


For more information on Network Spinal Chiropractic, go to https://epienergetics.com/

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YDGM Ep 27 Brendan Waddington

Brendan Waddington continues the conversation of fatherhood into the second episode of the series speaking to men.

There are so many people on this planet, and it's always such a joy and so much fun to speak to someone who you know is making a difference in the world. I just met Brendan and to me, he is an all around great guy. Intelligent, interesting, fun, totally got his shit together, and he has even written a book about no-bullshit health. 

His new book is called “The Wellness Bible, A No bullshit Guide to Wellness”. His website is http://nobullshitwellness.com/

Brendan is a naturopath, soft-tissue therapist, personal trainer, and he also helps miners by coaching them on their health. When I asked him to be on my podcast, he didn't think I'd be interested because he's not a father. Naturally, it's what people would think, but I was very keen on having men who are not fathers to talk about their views on the subject. Brendan mentions that he definitely wants kids eventually, and it was interesting to hear how he thinks and feels about fatherhood. 

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YDGM Ep 26: Julian D A Wiseman AKA My Husband

This episode starts the series on the topic of fatherhood. When I had the idea to start talking to women who are not mothers for my 2nd series on my podcast, You're Doing Great Mom, conversations inspired me to start asking men to talk to me about fatherhood. I also wanted to ask ALL men: single, married, gay, straight, dads and non-dads. Just men talking about fatherhood. So naturally, the first person I thought about talking to was my husband. We had to put an effort into finding dedicated time to sit down to record this, and it ended up being spontaneous. There was no organized planning involved with this. We just found ourselves sitting together (a rare moment) on a Saturday and I jumped at the opportunity and seized the moment. It turned out to be a lot of fun. It ended up taking us all day to get some good content down due to the many times we were interrupted, but the result is definitely entertaining. 

Topics included:
Sperm Virility
Foie Gras
Blue Planet
Hitchcock story-telling styles
Having a will
Baby fat-folds
Baby bathtime
Being a fat bastard
Fonseca Port
More alcohol
How to taste wine when you’re 12.
Test-taking skills
How to be an astronaut or an Olympic swimmer
Final words of advice about fatherhood
How not to get murdered by your wife

You can find out more information about my husband Julian on his websitehttp://www.jdawiseman.com/author.html

YDGM Ep 25: Lillian Lartey

Lillian Lartey is my guest in this last episode of 2017. She’s a personal trainer, massage therapist, and I consider her a life coach for women because she is so grounded in her values and commitment to having an extraordinary life. She came over to record this episode, and it was wonderful to spend those 90-minutes together. So much of what she said was illuminating for me about womenhood, and motherhood. Lillian isn’t a mother, and yet, she has so much wisdom about it!

If we look from the central part of the world going eastwards, a lot of the time when it comes to parenthood, it’s not just the mom taking total responsibility of that child or those children; you’ve got a total village, you’ve got a total town taking care of that child. So that mother doesn’t necessarily have those pressures that they do in the Western world. We also don’t have those pressures of wanting to get a really good job, wanting to have A, B, and C; Take the children to the best school, have the best clothes, have all this money, etc, go on the best holidays - all this pressure adds in. Why? Where as, when we appreciate our lives why we’re here, and that mum gives birth in a village to a child, everybody celebrates that. That’s everybody’s child. It’s not just that mum who’s given birth to that child. It’s everybody’s responsibility.

Lillian is a personal trainer, massage therapist, and I consider her a life coach for women because she is so grounded in her values and commitment to having an extraordinary life.

“For mums, I believe, and having worked with mums in the type of work that I do, a majority of the time, if they’re under that pressure to have to hand over their baby, at say, at 6 months, even a year, their bodies physically are not ready to let go. Because it’s such an emotional trauma - one, in terms of when you’re pregnant and you’re carrying a child. There’s so many hormonal activities going on. Two, when you give birth. And in three, through nursing that child. And that body, I believe, has to go through a process of recovery, and that includes when you’re doing the releasing of that child to go into someone else’s hands, in terms of going to school or going to nursery, taking care of the house, etc.”


As a life coach, she has helped women, many of them mothers, to focus on themselves and to achieve happiness, building back their health, self-esteem, and love for life.

“I’ve had women who wanna be super women, you know business women in particular are like, ‘Oh yeah, I gave birth yesterday, and I’m here today and I’m treatin’ my clients, I’m speaking to my clients, and I’ve got my baby on my boob…’ And I just think, ‘Why’? In the Western world there’s this race to get back and to prove yourself that, ‘I’m a strong woman and I’m going to be a responsible mother, and I can do it all.’ And then they crash and burn.” 


Check out Lillian's website for her business, I Want My Body Back

YDGM Ep 024: Drea Clark

I like to think I lead a very intentional life. And that isn’t that it’s not open to surprises or spontaneity. But I very deliberately chosen … and I’ve been very lucky, I realize that when I say that. Not everyone gets to choose as much ‘cause there’s inherent struggle with being able to just to afford doing things like that. I get that. I love living by myself. I love setting my own hours. I love being able to keep everything clean and neat and how I want it. There’s intention to those things. I really enjoy that.

Drea Clark lives in LA and works in film. She's my sister's best friend from highschool and we've known each other for a really long time. She's basically considered to be part of our family. I asked her to be on my podcast for this current series of conversations with women who are not mothers, and she was totally enthusiastic to participate.

I knew it would be a fantastic conversation, a fun one too, because Drea is just so articulate in just about anything. 


You ask her about anything, and she'll have something to say about it.

And it usually makes you want to go, "Hmmmmm."

You should live your life in a way that you feel bad for other people for living it differently.

I love Drea.

She's fabulous.

Oh my God. I had it so good. My parents are legit good parents, and they are a very loving couple. So it’s ironic to me that I’m like, ‘Oh you guys knocked it out of the park on both fronts. Do not take it personally that I am not replicating that,’ because I remember telling them years ago when I sort of knew that I wasn’t gonna have kids - I wanted them to know.

Have fun listening!


YDGM Ep 023: Angie Dairou

Something we could agree upon very clearly is that the leader is often the scapegoat. The CEO that gets fired and that’s the mother that people blame when things aren’t predicable.

Angie Dairou is my guest today. Wow. I loved this chat with Angie. This episode was awesome, with so many interesting and thought-provoking nuggets of wisdom, ideas, and stories about motherhood and how we can shift our perspectives about it in the context of applying it to roles of leadership and life in general. 

Angie is a successful therapist, working with individuals as well as companies, big and small. Three years ago, she did business in China with Fortune 100 companies, traveling back and forth to see her clients. She says, 

“What were the hardest moments for me? The hardest moments for me there were when I was working with someone who didn’t see things the way I did, who I was in a power struggle with and I don’t know that it’s that different than the moments when you’re facing your 13 as a mother and you’ve got your expectations and you have a full list of evidence as to why your perspective is the right one and they have theirs, and you love them, and you want to connect and you don’t know how. You can’t control them, you have a helplessness, you have the fear - all of that. I think when we experience these stuck places, that the human experience is very similar, but the context can be very different.”

Angie bases her work on Virginia Satir. We talk about being 'stuck' in life and how we usually handle it. I find that often, especially mothers, we don't even want to admit or acknowledge that we're stuck. Yet an illuminating point that Angie makes is this,

“That’s part of my mission, really, in working with everybody I do, is trying to get the word out that the more you can be with ‘stuck’ the more you’re life is going to transform, because every time you go to learn something new, whether it’s changing your golf swing… changing a part of their skill, they’re gonna go through a chaos phase as they relearn things. So if every time you see ‘stuck’ as it means you did something wrong, you’re gonna back off and you’re not gonna get the learning. It’s important that we spread that - that 'stuckness' means you are one step away from change.”

If you want to find out more information about Angie, check out her website, www.destinationhuman.com and you can email her at angie@destinationhuman.com

If you want to  know more about Network Spinal Analysis and SRI (Somato-Respiratory Integration)go to  wiseworldseminars.com; Virginia Satir is the model of systemic therapy that Angie bases her work on.

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YDGM Ep 022: Michelle Dry

My guest today is Michelle Dry. Multi-talented, hilarious, creative jack and jill-of-all trades so to speak, and author/writer. Michelle has written a handful of books, writing fiction about dating and single life, as well as children’s books. Her most successful book is The Hairy Legged Mystery, which can be found on Amazon, along with all her books under the name Michelle Dry. We met through mutual friends of ours, and I asked her to be on my podcast to talk about her story about why she’s not a mother. What’s to come in this episode is hilarity, the realities of serial dating, as well as a moment of seriousness when she shares about her experience of pregnancy and miscarriage. I had such a wonderful time talking with Michelle. Get ready to laugh. This episode is super fun!

If you want to get in touch with Michelle, check out her website, michelledry.com. You can also look her up on Amazon to see all her books. In fact, just after talking to her, I went ahead and bought her two books on dating, Love Hunt 1&2. It’s absolutely hilarous so far, and I strongly recommend getting a copy for yourself. You’ll be laughing out loud with this one. You can also get it on audiobook on audible.com. 

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YDGM Ep 021: Rachael Talbot-Frank

My guest this week is Rachael Talbot-Frank. Rachael doesn’t have children of her own and is not a mother. 

These last few weeks and in the next few episodes, the topic has been about women who do not have children. I’ll be speaking to women who share their story of not becoming a mother. It’s something I think people should hear about. There’s always that uncomfortable, politically correct awkwardness that looms over us when we address it. There’s always the elephant in the room and the curious, what’s her story? And I think many women who aren’t mothers don’t get a chance to tell theirs.

Rachael’s experience is possibly unique because for her, everything changed when she was twenty-one. Something happened to her body which she had to heal tremendously from on an emotional and mental level, not to mention learn how to cope on a physical level. This shift is what catapulted her relationship to herself as a woman without children. It also formed her view on the possibility of not having children and why she didn’t want to risk passing down her chronic illness. This made her believe that there’s a natural reason for her NOT to have children.

Inside her journey to heal from her illness, to experience shame that her body ‘failed’ her and then having to go through the process of whether or not she wanted to become a mother, Rachel has discovered her own power within herself as a woman who is nurturing, caring, beautiful, and owning her amazing body.

Listen to Rachel share her experience in the context of not being a mother and her unique story talking about health challenges and how she’s living a life she loves and continues to love.

If you want to get in touch with Rachael, check out her website http://www.naturallyempowered.co.uk/. If you liked this episode, please, it would mean so much to me if you post a review and don’t forget to subscribe!

YDGM Ep 020: Noreen Sumpter

YDGM Ep 020: Noreen Sumpter

"It was choice. I never wanted to have children. I knew from the age of 13 that I did not want to have children. It was not something that I wanted to have in this lifetime.

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YDGM Ep 019: Samina Courtin

I think subconsciously I was looking for an outlet. I think I wanted a way out, and I wanted something more in my life, a creative outlet because I knew I wasn’t getting that from my career. So I was happy to take that time away, and then I had Noah and then it was just me at home with Noah and Yasmin. And I look back at that time and oh my gosh, it was so special.

Samina Courtin is the creator and owner of Mon Dessert, a London-based patisserie company. She specializes in beautiful and delicious macarons, and she has also designed cooking kits which she sells in Fortnum and Mason, Harrods, and other high-end specialty shops. 

Samina is a mother of two adorable happy children, a girl and a boy, in primary school in Southwest London. Her husband is French and they met through mutual friends.

Her career started in a very male-centered in an e-commerce digital marketing company, using her interests in math and science. But she felt that something was missing. Working in the marketing industry wasn’t allowing her to explore her creative side.

“It was strange. I was the first person to become pregnant in my company. It was a very young industry. You know, you’re thinking, it was 2009 and that’s when I first went on maternity leave. The internet world and how to monetize that and how to create e-commerce platform, it was just exploding. It was still a very young industry and I was one of the oldest there and I wasn’t even 30. And when I came back (from maternity leave), I think it was the financial crisis, literally I walked into the office and I didn’t recognize anyone. I felt like I was being given shoddy work, the stuff that nobody didn’t want to do. When I became pregnant with Noah, and I took my second maternity leave, obviously one after the other during a financial crisis, and they were like, ‘uh, we really would like you NOT (to do that) …”

Motherhood is what opened her natural artistic and creative side. Being at home with her two small children inspired her to start exploring her home skills, especially baking and cooking. She shares about how she started her company Mon Dessert and how she is living her multi-passionate and amazing life with her husband and two children.

Check out my episode with Samina listen to her fabulous and interesting story. It’s so amazing and colorful and ‘tasty’. Oui Oui!

Visit Samina’s website http://www.mondessert.co.uk/. Connect with her on Instagram @mondessert and Twitter @mondessert

YDGM Ep 018: Singer and performer Lara Martins

[This episode is about miscarriage. Please understand that it may trigger sensitive emotions while listening, although the purpose of this episode is to spread the information about this topic so more women can learn about how common miscarriage is.]

Lara Martins is a principle in the London production of “The Phantom of the Opera”. Lara is from Portugal, and studied theatre in the UK, and has been living in the UK for the last 20 years.

I’m so happy to have Lara here with me for this episode. In searching for more topics revolving motherhood and pregnancy, I believe that it’s important to talk about all possible events relating to our experiences as women becoming mothers. One of them is miscarriage, which, for many people who do not know, it is quite common. Many women have experienced a miscarriage, and because of the sensitive emotional pain involved, most women do not know how to share their experiences.

When Lara accepted my invitation to be on my podcast, she was very open and generous in sharing her story about her miscarriage.

“When you have a miscarriage you don’t really think that because obviously miscarriage is quite a sensitive subject, and not many women talk about it. So you have no idea that having a miscarriage is quite common. It happens a lot. When you are confronted with a miscarriage it is very traumatic. It’s definitely one of the hardest things I had to deal with in my life. You know, the first thought you have is ‘what have I done wrong; did I provoke this’ and even though everybody tells you it’s nothing you have done, it’s nothing to do with you, it’s just your body maybe rejecting something that was not viable’. BUt you just try to find the reason. You just want to know why; what have I done; What could I have done differently to have a different outcome’.”

“It gave me great comfort when I was trying to recover from my miscarriage to know that actually this is so common, and talking to other women who had the same experience. Because then I didn’t feel like some kind of freak, or that I had some kind of problem.”

“I think when you have a very easy pregnancy, and obviously, and all the women that have never had problems in their pregnancy and never suffered miscarriages, pregnancy can be a very naive thing in the sense that when you look at that pregnancy test and it’s positive you think, ‘Oh great, I’m going to have a baby,’ because you just had a pregnancy that was completely normal, nothing happened, everything was great, so you think, oh, this is going to be the same thing again. It’s not until something goes wrong that you understand that actually quite a lot of things that can go wrong, and then becoming pregnant again it’s actually very very stressful.”

To reach out to Lara Martins, check out her website and send her a message: https://www.laramartins.com/

To hear another woman’s experience with miscarriage, have a listen to episode 10 with Maryellen Stephens. http://traffic.libsyn.com/youredoinggreatmom/010-23-05-20172C14.53.mp3

Be sure to check out You're Doing Great Mom online. http://youredoinggreatmom.com/blog/

YDGM Ep 017: Part 2 of 2 with Dr Kelly Mclaughlin and Dr Sarah Farrant

If you have wondered what chiropractic care is, and how it can benefit you and your family, this is a great episode to listen to.

Dr Sarah: “Self-responsibility [in regards to their health]: the allopathic health approach, as it’s starting to implode on itself, more people are looking for that level of self-care which coincides with self-responsibility like, I’m going to take my health back into my own hands, then we’re the perfect health profession [chiropractic] to be there to meet them at that door. Because there are thousands health professions, and when we look at the allopathic health approach and you’re remaining passive within that, then there’s no sense of self-responsibility. I’m gonna go to you, you’re gonna tell me what I’ve got wrong, you’re gonna give me something, I’m gonna take that and it’s gonna disappear. That’s called a ‘treatment’ where ‘treat’ means in its shortest form, it’s creating an illusion that something doesn’t exist anymore. And then, when we go to the alter-NATE health approach, where chiropractic fits comfortably in this health approach, there is a level of self-responsibility. So if you can tap in to that sense of self-responsibility that everybody is searching for, then that position’s chiropractic in a way healthier arena to be able to meet those people where they’re at as they are exiting this allopathic approach.”

“When we have a parent is wanting to have their child checked, then the conversation is not necessarily, my child doesn’t have back pain. We have parents saying that I want my child to be the best they can be.”

Dr Kelly: “Usually [in our office] what we hear is ‘I wish I’d heard about it sooner, I wish I’d known that there was a different way to do things.’ Often, it’s quite cool, we’ve had a couple of clients who have been in the office with their children getting checked. There’s a little boy who’s 5-and-a-half and he’s been checked every week since he was three weeks old. His mum is such a vigilante for chiropractic. She’s such an advocate.”

Dr Sarah Farrant lives in New Zealand and has been a chiropractor for the last 16 years. She has been helping families by educating them how to understand the chiropractic lifestyle and how it can help benefit their health. Her company provides vital tools for generational change in health. She educates parents, children, and grandparents in living a healthier life through a different perspective with chiropractic being the baseline. You can reach her at http://vitalmoms.com/ Check out her Facebook page: Vital Moms https://www.facebook.com/Vital-Moms-250515624977388/ Or email her at drsarahfarrant@gmail.com

Dr Kelly McGaughlin lives in the UK and has been in practice for 15 years, and the last six she and her husband have built their practice together. She also focuses on empowering people to approach health with a different perspective through family wellness care with chiropractic. You can reach her at kjtchiro@hotmail.com.


YDGM Ep 016: Part 1 of 2 Dr Kelly McLaughlin and Dr Sarah Farrant

This is Part 1 of 2 with Dr Kelly McLaughlin and Dr Sarah Farrant, who are both chiropractors and mothers.

Dr Kelly McLaughlin is from Reading UK, she has 3 boys, all home births, and she home-schools them as well. You can reach her at kjtchiro@hotmail.com.

Dr Sarah Farrant is also a chiropractor, and lives in Wiaheke New Zealand (which is an island just east of Auckland). She has 2 boys and a girl, all homebirths, and all home-schooled as well. You can reach her at http://vitalmoms.com/ Check out her Facebook page: Vital Moms https://www.facebook.com/Vital-Moms-250515624977388/ Or email her at drsarahfarrant@gmail.com

Dr Sarah’s books: The Health Illusion: Is It Killing You?
The Vital Truth: Accessing the Possibilities of Unlimited Health

Book mention: John Taylor Gatto, Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

YDGM Ep 015: Harriet Waley-Cohen

I love recording an episode in person. It's always fun. Plus, guests can bring their adorable puppies. 

Harriet Waley-Cohen came in with her little adorable puppy, who ended up sitting right in between us gnawing on her bone (which is what the sporadic faint clicking noises are in the background). We had a wonderful time talking about motherhood, adversity, learning to love life, being at the forefront of being unstoppable, and the concept of having it all.

"... because mothering isn't about mothering your own children. It's about mothering the planet. It's about mothering the human race. And when I think about all those teenage girls that I grew up with when we were teenagers, what would it have been like to have had awake, aware, honest, vulnerable women like you and I come and say, 'this is what I went through, this is what it was like, this is what it's really like out there as a grown up; let me take you by the hand and help you and give you all these tips' and to get to be that person for the current generation is awesome."

 She talks about changing careers from banking to becoming a speaker and a coach. She shares her difficult birth and how her son didn't sleep for the first four months of his life, and how motherhood contributes to how she speaks in front of hundreds of people. She also shares how about overcoming addiction, and through this adversity led to her incredible strength and courage, and ultimately having a life she loves.

To check out more info on Harriet Waley-Cohen, go to her websitehttp://harrietwaleycohen.com/ or look her up on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/harrietwaleycohen/

Instagram and Twitter: @harriet_wc


Episode with my Husband

For the first time ever, and after a long period of discussing this, my husband (Julian) sits down with me and we record ourselves having one of our many conversations. 

My husband is an intelligent dude. He went to Cambridge. He's a self-professed geek. He's good at math. And he also knows about a lot of things. People who know about a lot of things almost always think they are right. Trouble is, they aren't always right and it's nearly impossible to debate with these people. 

I'm smart, but I'm not like my husband who knows a lot about a lot of things. He was the kind of kid that read 10 books a week starting from the moment he could read a full sentence. So over the years, he's consumed a lot of information.

I wasn't like that. I was a late bloomer. I didn't like reading until I was in college. And I think because of that, I was never good at debating or having conversations with really intelligent people. I'm not book-smart. I'm people-smart. 

So, I thought it'd be fun to sit down and record a typical conversation between my husband and me. They tend to get heated, I often get loud and flustered, and he tends to be mostly factual (or he thinks he's being factual), but most of the time they are fun and silly, and entertaining.

Here we're talking about my last episode with Mandy Adams. I asked my husband to listen to it, hoping he'd get some insight from it, and instead, he came out analyzing the shit out of it. 

That part of the conversation gets dull and boring, so we get a little bit sillier talking about what to say to a spouse when they've gained weight. 

I hope you like it. 

Here's my husband Julian's website to read more about him and if you're interested in contacting him.

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YDGM Ep 011: Callie Burke

Growing up I had a lot of problems with period pain and things like that every month. I ended up going and seeing a specialist and  was diagnosed with quite severe endometriosis. So from that I had operations such as laparoscopies, and things like that, and was told at 15 point blank by an OBY-GYN that I would not be able to have kids. And at 15, that’s not something you take on very well. I was mortified.

Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women from as early as menarche, the first period in a girl’s life, and continues throughout life. That’s a lot. Yet, many women who have it say they don’t talk about it. It’s just not something that is talked about in the public, so awareness is very low. So unless you have it, or know someone close to you that has it, you don’t know much about it. 

Endometriosis is when the uterine lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus, around the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and sometimes in other areas in the pelvis such as the colon and bladder. It causes moderate to severe pain during periods and sometimes in between periods, as well as heavy bleeding during and in between periods. It’s one of the most common conditions related to infertility, and medical industry doesn’t know what causes it. Women are also told that there is no cure.

Callie totally persevered through her experience with her endometriosis. 

“Education and girls getting the right information, and giving them the power back to own their body and what they want to do with it is huge. It’s quite debilitating, different conditions that relate to our hormone levels and to our periods and cycles and general fertility. They impact us well before we’re ready to have kids. And the information is knowing what to look for, and there’s so much stuff out there.”

To connect with Callie, visit her website https://eliteexecutivesupport.com/. If you’d like to contact her, send an email at callie.burke@eliteexecutivesupport.com. You can also connect with her on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/callie.hoolihan.

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YDGM Ep 010: Maryellen Stephens

When I was a kid growing up, my mother used to always say to me one of Nietzsche’s phrase, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

For the most part, I think that’s definitely true. 

When I have these conversations with these women for my podcast, resilience and determination are what I think about. And something about Maryellen felt so close to me, even though I never experienced much of what she did.

You could call it chemistry, and I had that connection with her almost instantly when I met her a few months ago at a chiropractic seminar. Without getting all sentimental here, it was probably because she told me she wasn’t British, she’s from Toronto, being from North America, and that gave me the common connection from the start.

She came across as super confident, fun, expressive, and intelligent, and I’ve always been drawn to women like that because not only do I like being around people like that, I tend to feel a ‘healthy’ competitive energy that I enjoy  when I meet someone like this. 

So when Maryellen and I got a chance to record this podcast episode, I was moved by what she shared, and how open she allowed herself to be. To me, vulnerability is a strength and a virtue, which I think everyone should practice regularly, especially moms. (And men).

(Ok, everyone.)

Maryellen shares, “… even from week 8 when I had that big dizzy spell, and I was talking to the baby all the time, you know I would say ‘please stay, I love you’, and all that kind of stuff, kind of knowing that something just wasn’t right. And when it kicked in and I just had a really powerful feeling that week, and I rang Alex up and I said, ‘Alex, I need to get adjusted, something isn’t just right.’” 

And he said, “Well, I can’t stop the baby from going if the baby’s going.” 

I said, “I know that, I just need you to adjust me.”

“He adjusted me, and by the time I got home, I was losing the baby. But because of the adjustment, emotionally, I was able to cope with it.”

I love Maryellen’s authenticity in telling her story, as well as her courage. It’s how we all connect with other human beings. When we hear love, vulnerability, and authenticity expressed, it’s what stirs our emotions and what let’s us glimpse into who we all are as human beings.

This is what I love about people, connecting with them, sharing and opening our hearts, laughing about life’s little things, and celebrating the things that matter.

Tune in to listen to Maryellen’s episode. I’m sure you’ll smile, cry, and enjoy what you hear.

If you’d like to reach out to Maryellen Stephens, you can email her at maryellendc@family-chiro.co.uk. Also, check out her website and blog www.family-chiro.co.uk   

She is also currently writing her first book, and here’s a small excerpt from the introduction:

“I am certainly not the person I was before becoming a mother.  If pregnancy was a wild ride, then birth, well, that showed me I had a strength in me I never knew existed. And the emotions! When they say you walk about with your heart on your sleeve, words were never more true.  But it changes you somewhere deep inside as a human being. From the exhaustion, to coming face to face with who you really are, and having it mirrored back at you through your children. Well, now, that's been a treat! Ha! I've become softer in so many ways, it's hard to describe.  I look back and feel really good about who I have grown into, and largely, that is from a combination of being faced with children head on (the majority of which has been as a single parent) and all the crazy; years of exhaustion from lack of sleep; and willingness to heal the old bits of my own childhood, as I encountered incredible moments of compassion and forgiveness for both my parents and myself, through so many of these experiences. Embrace it, there's nothing to fear. I promise.”

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